Living your best life together.

In-home Coaching & DAILY Training

Autumn Canine is about helping you and your dog to live your best life together. We will look at your dogs inherent personality traits, that are accompanied by their genetics and instincts. To grow into a strong team it is important to work with your dogs genetics and not against them.

Our play based approach will allow you to connect with your dog in the present moment and be able to find cooperation and agreement on which your training will be built upon.

We will coach you through the process and provide the space for you and your dog to learn in your own pace to lay the foundation of trust, clarity, and confidence in your relationship with one another.

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Understanding the WHY.

In order to successfully grow as team it is important to not only equip you with the how, but also with the WHY. Understanding the reason behind things makes the what & how a lot easier to apply.

There are always multiple ways to reach your goal and together we will look at your options and come up with a plan that fits you and your dog. Through our tailored training, we create clear communication, allowing you to give your dog the guidance needed to nurture healthy habits, while also preventing and eliminating unwanted behavior.


Interacting with your dog in a way that is fulfilling, both mentally and physically, allows the best parts of their unique personality to shine and for both of you to live your best life together.

We service

  • Puppy Training Ballarat, Wendouree, Sebastopol, Delacombe
  • Puppy Training Buninyong
  • Puppy Training Ballan
  • Dog Training Ballarat, Wendouree, Sebastopol, Delacombe
  • Dog Training Buninyong
  • Dog Training Ballan
  • Dog Training Daylesford
  • Puppy¬†Training Ballan
  • Puppy Training Daylesford
  • Puppy Training Maddingley, Bacchus Marsh, Darley