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Why finding outlets for your dog is important.

A lot of what we trainers get called for–those behavioural problems–like barking, chasing things, herding the kids, biting the ankles, guarding the owners are dogs finding a way to fulfil their breed-specific purpose, often in a way that isn’t appropriate in our world.

How to prevent behaviour issues?

A holistic approach is honouring your dog’s breed and personality traits, guiding their dogness with rules and boundaries, and channelling their unique qualities into healthy outlets and purpose.

All dogs, no matter which breed, know how to hunt. We have highlighted parts of the hunting sequence through selective breeding, hence why the Beagle could follow its nose for hours (searching). Bull breeds like tug games (fighting). German Short Hair Pointers enjoy stalking and Herding breeds like chasing.

By getting to know your dog and understanding its genetic makeup and personal preferences, you can choose from various activities, games or hobbies, allowing your dog to be fulfilled.

Providing structure for these outlets creates clarity for your dog instead of letting them second guess and creating issues. For example, having Start- and End Signals allows your dog to understand when the activity or the game starts and ends.

But like with every sport or hobby, we need to develop the skills – both dogs and humans. Understanding the rules and practising the skills allows us to move from consciously doing the thing to a fluid movement that seems to happen naturally and without further thought. It is a process, and teaching our dog a new game – even so, we dig into their instincts and genetics. Your dog will still struggle if not presented in a way that makes sense.

Autumn Canine is offering Dog training in Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh and anywhere in between. Autumn Canine is offering in-home coaching and daily training. We come to you, to save time in your busy schedule. Giving you and your dog the chance to learn in a familiar environment. We can help you find appropriate outlets for your dog and teach your the game.  Get in touch to set your dog up for success.

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