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Does your dog's breed matter?

Understanding a dog’s breed and its specific traits can help you find the right dog or provide appropriate outlets for your current dog.

How many dog breeds are there?

Since the 19th century, we have been breeding dogs, and there are over 350 breeds existing today. The United Kingdom and the United States kennel club have different categories for them. But both have seven breed categories. The Federation Cynologique International (FCI) has ten breed groups. Breeders have bred these categories of breeds for specific traits, enabling them to perform a particular function.

Did you know?


The name “Dachshund” is the German word for badger dog. Their short legs keep them low to the ground to track scents, and their narrow bodies allow them to crawl into caves, looking for badgers.

In the 18th century, Great Danes were prestigious guardians of estates and carriages and hunted wild boar.

Great Dane

They originally bred corgis to herd cattle, sheep, and horses.

Understanding a dog’s breed and its specific traits can help you find the right dog. Or provide appropriate outlets for your current dog.

Finding the right dog

Considering the breed-specific needs when choosing your next dog or providing a more fulfilling life for your current dog is helpful. But don’t forget that each dog is an individual and might prefer different things than most of the breed. Aligning your dog’s needs with your lifestyle and looking for activities that provide an outlet and are biologically fulfilling lets you thrive together.

Great Outlets to consider are:

Behaviour issues in dogs

A lot of what we trainers get called for–those behavioural problems–like barking, chasing things, herding the kids, biting the ankles, guarding the owners are dogs finding a way to fulfil their breed-specific purpose, often in a way that isn’t appropriate in our world.

How to prevent an unruly dog?

A holistic approach is honouring your dog’s breed and personality traits, guiding their dogness with rules and boundaries, and channelling their unique qualities into healthy outlets and purpose. Get in touch to set your dog up for success.

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