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We will look at your dogs inherent personality traits, that are accompanied by their genetics and instincts. Once we find out who your dog is, we use what’s already there to give them a purpose, all while teaching them concepts like rules, cooperation, compliance and authority.


Our play based approach will allow you to connect with your dog in the present moment and be able to find cooperation and agreement on which your training will be built upon.


We will coach you through the process and provide the space for you and your dog to learn in your own pace to lay the foundation of trust, clarity, and confidence in your relationship with one another.

WE can help you with



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Fear & Phobias


Obedience recall Training


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Private Coaching

Private Coaching is designed for committed owners who are ready to live their best life together with their dogs.

We come to you and work together with you in the convenience of your own home and around your neighbourhood to create real life training situations specific to the needs and goals of both you and your dog.

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Homeschool Program

Our Homeschool Program, is a unique approach to training, and the best of both worlds—the benefits of a board and train program without your dog ever having to leave your home!

We will come and train your dog 2-4 days per week and meet with you once per week to show you what your dog has been learning and give you time to practice with your dog.

Board & Train

Our Board and train program is a popular option for pet owners looking to fast-track their dog’s training, tackle behavioural problems, and overall development. This can be especially beneficial for busy pet owners who may not have the time or expertise to train their dogs effectively on their own.

Our Board & Train program is tailor-made for your dog’s specific needs, moving a their pace. The focus of this program is to build strong habits for your dog to produce long lasting results. Your dog will learn how to navigate the world through play and proper communication.

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Our Boarding Program offers you peace of mind during your holidays, knowing that your dog is well taken care of. In fact, your furry friend will have a holiday experience of their own, staying with me as part of my team. They will enjoy plenty of walks, playtime, and other engaging activities to ensure their happiness and fulfilment.