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How to use the retractable leash

There are a lot of different leads available – your average 6ft lead, a longline, and the “much hated” retractable lead. Like always, people tend to hate what they don’t know or understand.

We use the retractable lead a lot. It allows for more clarity on the walk and provides dogs more freedom to move.

It’s easily adjusted, locked in and turned into your average 6ft lead when needed.

BUT – being smart about where you use it will keep things safe. As with any tool, you can do a lot of good, and you can do a lot of nonsense with it.

Leash Handling skills stop my dog from pulling on lead

What you can do with the retractable lead

Leash Handling skills stop my dog from pulling on lead

Which Retractable leash should i get?

There are quite a few brands and different types on the market. We do use and recommend the brand FLEXI. They have high quality products and are on the market for a very long time. In regards to which type – we do recommend the tape instead of the cord option.

In regards to which length – that is really up you. They do come from 3m to all the way up to 10m length. You are wondering which one is our favourite? This one.

Bonus tip

As much as we love this leash, it is bulky and sometimes annoying to hold. This is one way I like to get around it. I borrowed this idea from Jay Jack, the founder of GRC Dogsports.

I do not recommend this while you are still teaching your dog how to walk on a loose leash and struggle with clear communication.

But once you are enjoying your walks without struggle–this way of attaching the leash is a brilliant solution.

If you want to enjoy the walks with your dog without the constant struggle and ensure your leash handling is on point, get in touch today and start living your best life together.

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