The initial consults are about 1.5 hours in length and give us a chance to get to know you and your dog, evaluate your dog’s behaviour and needs, and get you started on creating a solid foundation that we can continue to build upon. After your consultation, we recommend a training program that best suits your needs. All program content is custom-tailored to fit your individual training goals.



Private Coaching is designed for committed owners who are ready to live their best life together with their dogs.

We come to you and work together with you in the convenience of your own home and around your neighbourhood to create real life training situations specific to the needs and goals of both you and your dog.

Private Coaching are also a great option for new puppy owners looking to build a great foundation for their puppy.

4 Lesson Package for $560

You can't go back & change the beginning but you can start where you are & change the ending.


Our Homeschool Program, is a unique approach to training, and the best of both worlds—the benefits of a board and train program without your dog ever having to leave your home!

We will come and train your dog 2-4 days per week and meet with you once per week to show you what your dog has been learning and give you time to practice with your dog.

Programs are customised for your individual dog and your training goals.

Starting at $420/week



Welcoming a new member to the family can be overwhelming. Especially with so many things to consider to provide your puppy the best start into their life.

We will help you to develop and build a solid relationship with your puppy that is based on trust and cooperation.


Is your dog pulling on the lead, jumping on people, or lunging toward other dogs? Do you struggle to communicate what is and is not acceptable? Do you want your dog to come when called?

Or does this sound more like what your dog is struggling with:
- Separation anxiety
- Excessive barking
- Chewing
- Digging
- Growling
- Biting


The initial consult is 1-1.5hr and the training session 60min depending on what dog is willing to give.

The short answer is yes.

You are an integral part of the training process with our private coaching package. It is all about building a strong relationship with your dog.

Our daily training is a hybrid approach to training your dog. Your dog gets the benefits of a board and train program without ever having to leave home, as they’ll be working one on one with me at your home 2-4 days per week. Additionally, you will meet with me 1 day per week for a private session: just you, me and your dog.

At the comfort of your home. Allowing you to save time without needing to travel and giving your dog the chance to learn in its familiar environment. Depending on goals we might be using a park, street, dog friendly shop for our session.

Our approach to training goes beyond obedience and structure: reinforcement and punishment.
Our #1 goal is to tap into your dog’s genetics and find out what makes them tick! Once we find out who your dog is, we use what’s already there to give them a purpose, all while teaching them concepts like rules, cooperation, compliance, authority. This approach creates a happy dog, a satisfied owner, and a strong relationship based on trust, respect, and a mutual enjoyment of one another!

It all starts with an initial consults. This gives us the chance to get to know you and your dog, evaluate your dog’s behavior and needs, and get you started on creating a solid foundation that we can continue to build upon.

You can book your consult here.

There is no one fits all answer. As you and your dogs are on a very individual journey. 

We will coach you through the process and provide the space for you and your dog to learn in your own pace to lay the foundation of trust, clarity, and confidence in your relationship with one another.

The client may cancel the lesson with at least 24-hours’ notice, in which case we can reschedule the lesson and no service fee will be charged.

If the client cancels within 24 hours of the lesson, but not immediately before the lesson, the client is obligated to pay 50% of the service fee for that lesson.

No refund will be provided after the lesson commences or if the lesson cannot commence because of the client.

There is no one fits all answer. As you and your dogs are on a very individual journey.

We don’t subscribe to one tool or equipment. In our consult we will look together at the options and it is your choice to choose the equipment you are comfortable with.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks –  This is far from the truth.

Together we look at the things you would like to change and address. We will consider your dogs emotions and work towards an interaction with your dog in a way that is fulfilling, both mentally and physically. This allows the best parts of their unique personality to shine and for both of you to live your best life together.